Community Empowerment Network

"Supporting the success of people, projects and organizations working to create a sustainable and thriving world culture."

The Community Empowerment Network is a web-based central powerhouse of resources, information and multimedia files, all within a wiki collaborative environment, where each can contribute knowledge, share files, access resources and more!

The Community Empowerment Network will assist people and communities in staying up to date on all aspects of creating a sustainable world. We have begun the beta testing of this site by making it available to workshop graduates. We intend to make this system available to our affiliate members and communities as well as intentional communities and organizations that do not have their own interactive web system.

The purpose of the Community Empowerment Network is to offer easy access to information and resources that support the work for building a sustainable world community, one community at a time.

The Community Empowerment Network is offering these tools to facilitate the alignment of like-minded people in working together to bring a new paradigm of sustainable living into reality.

  • Personal Member Spaces
  • Mentoring Forums & Blogs
  • Inter-User Chat, Skype calls
  • Social Media Connectivity
  • Surveys, Polls & FAQs
  • Shared File Repository (videos, casts, image gallery, pdf, etc.)
  • Extended Resource Link Directory
  • Member Wiki Collaboration Pages
  • Contributing Member Articles & Blogs
  • Training & Mentorship Programs
  • Project Funding Opportunities

More to come, stay posted! Let us know if there are any services we can offer to enhance and further empower your experience as a Network User.

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