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       Christopher Love


Greetings family and friends,                                                                                                                                                                              

     What an amazing time we are living in. I see an outrageous polarization of light and dark. So much decay and yet so many amazing acts of love, kindness and creativity. I believe in the human heart. I trust implicitly that all we see happening at this time in our unfolding collective experience has purpose, no matter the experience be pleasurable, uncomfortable or downright difficult. Here in America we are facing some real issues as a nation. As world citizens we are facing great challenges as well.

     We are not living in a stable economic, political or environmental world right now. Time to be good boy and girl scouts and get prepared. Grow gardens, plant fruit trees, put some of your money into gold coins, have water, food and medical supply reserves. Store seeds in air tight containers. Have a water purifier. And know your neighbors. I am not a believer in gloom and doom, this is straight economics and inevitable Earth changes. Something is going to happen to balance our spending and trade deficit and the world community of nations are not going to keep paying the interest on U.S. debt forever. The cost of the Iraq War alone (figuring direct and indirect monies) is reaching one trillion dollars, that's one thousand billion! As years of unconscious environmental practices catch up with us, the environment will right it self, we are already seeing evidence of this in shifting weather patterns and other Earth changes.

     With the environmental crisis and decaying U.S. infrastructure (i.e. education, social programs, health care, social security, old outdated and unsafe power plants and more) we are facing big issues here on America's main land. We are also witness to an unprecedented level of corruption in all branches of Government and many U.S. Corporations. We have a lot on our plates. It really is time to "wake up" to our power of influence over our own lives.

   Individually we can do a lot when we choose to. Together our potential is exponential. The method of creation that we use here at Empowerment.Net is "stone soup". The proverbial "pot" is the context of sustainable community, wellness and vibrant living. As each participant puts their passion in the form of creative ideas into the pot we get a soup that is amazingly rich in offerings for our community. We are presently focused on creating events and retreats for our community to learn, heal and celebrate life in. One of the ingredients to this amazing soup is the creation of a family of "Wellness Facilitators" who provide health services during the events. Education is another flavorful ingredient with subjects ranging from health and wellness to new paradigm economics. Everything we do is an empowerment to our mission of supporting sustainable community. Vision becomes reality when we put our energy, love and trust into it.  



     I believe we are presently in transition from one paradigm to another.  I am witness to decay, evidenced by the breakdown of old, out-dated technological, social and political systems. We are in a time where the present way of doing things is being questioned.  We are in a time that is ripe for new creation.  I see this creation birthing from fresh concepts married with age old wisdom bringing us the opportunity for holistically sustainable systems in all areas of our lives.  This includes new modalities for deep communication, togetherness, positive social action and community building as well as economic and environmental sustainability. What I see possible is thriving while manifesting the new paradigm during our transition through earth, economic, and political changes.

     Our efforts operate under the universal law of abundance, that is, when we are in alignment with what naturally wants to occur we always have what we need when we need it. I believe that what wants to occur is a way of life that is vibrant, beautiful and connected.  A life where people are in symbiosis with natural living systems of the Earth and work together for peace and harmony in every community.  The paradigm I am speaking of is one where All are fed, All have access to the education and health care of their choice and every human being can live a meaningful and purposeful life of happiness and joy.  

     In the creation of the new paradigm let us be committed to carrying no expectations.  This will allow for the creation to be greater than our limitations.  Let us release personal agendas and embrace cooperation and inclusive decision-making. Whatever we do together, let us do it with love, quality and professionalism. Together we can breathe the breath of life into our collective dream. 

     If you would like to offer support or participate on any level please feel free to contact me or visit our donation page.


Christopher Love



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