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The Empowerment Xperience


          Day I

          Foundation: Connect - Inspire - Educate - Empower - Create

Experience the structure and process of manifesting visions, dreams, projects and community with economic, social and environmental sustainability as the underlying theme.  You will learn the key components for long-term success, work individually and in groups and utilize fast and efficient forms of counciling and decision-making. A must for anyone living in community, intending to, those working on community oriented projects, people interested in creating non-profit organizations or those who wish to strengthen their current organization.


          Day II 

         Manifest: Plan - Train -  Implement Actualize

Learn how to accomplish the manifestation and long-term success of visions, dreams, projects, organizations and communities. In this workshop you will actually create your vision into reality by completing the process begun on Day I - Foundation Building. We will focus on creating policy, procedure and goals based on the core values, principles, vision and mission that you created on Day I. We will also spend time on communication, group dynamics and the conceptual sphere of influence. You will have the opportunity to present your project or your organization to the workshop community and the Community Empowerment Network for potential funding at the end of day II. 


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